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If You Are Looking for Hope,
You’ve Come to the Right Place

Chances are you’re here because you’ve gotten disturbing news. Or, possibly you are the rare person who knows that it’s better to be prepared in advance for an end-of-life scenario than to be struggling to research options when your mind & emotions are reeling.

In any case, you are about to discover how hospice can profoundly improve conditions for the people you care about… and for yourself.

You will gain a clear perspective about if and when hospice is the right choice. You will have access to resources to assist you in making hospice the best it can be if that’s what you choose.

Here’s some good news: While death is inevitable, suffering is optional. You might be amazed at how good quality of life can be with palliative care, even in the last months and weeks of a terminal condition.

As a practicing hospice nurse and the creator of one of the early hospice programs for a major healthcare provider, I am pleased to make my knowledge available to you. And from personal experience—I went through hospice with my mother and my favorite aunt—I can speak from my heart to yours.

Be aware that I am not selling hospice care or products. I am offering practical information, much of it free and frequently updated, and some you can purchase here in the form of reports for a modest cost. All of it is reassuring and useful.

When the time comes to decide what to do for a loved one with a terminal prognosis, every day—every minute—counts. Do yourself a favor: Consider the end of life options now so when it’s needed most, you will be able to make the right choice quickly and with confidence so your loved one can have access to comfort, ease, and quality care as soon as possible.

All content on this website and in our reports is intended for information purposes only. Always consult your medical practitioners for medical advice.

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About Our Reports

At some point, every one of us will face end of life decisions, for ourself or someone we care about. Increasingly, home hospice turns out to be the best choice for a range of reasons, from emotional to economic.

Whether these decisions are imminent or in the future, it will serve you to have reliable information. In addition to knowing what hospice is and what it offers, you will want to know what’s involved in home care, what may be required of you or other family members and friends, what to anticipate as the patient progresses, and what you might expect from the hospice provider.

Based on years of experience with all aspects of hospice and from both the giving and receiving end of hospice services, our reports address these issues.

You may find the answers to many of your questions in our FAQ section, in our free articles, or on our Q & A page. It is almost certain you will find them in our in-depth, easy to understand reports.

Visit the Products & Services page and click on any of the reports to read its first page. Once you determine which report(s) will serve you best, your satisfaction is assured with an unconditional money back guarantee.

We hope you find comfort and confidence through our work and wish you the very best as you prepare to make these inevitable choices.

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